Benefits of Statutory Audit Services for Singaporean Firms

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In Singapore’s highly vibrant business community, honest and accurate maintenance of accounts might be seen as good business but is also a statutory obligation for many companies. A statutory audit, for example, is a formal examination of a company’s financial records to ensure that its financial statements are not materially misstated and are free from defects. In Singapore, the Companies Act makes it mandatory for certain entities, such as most public companies and subsidiaries of public companies, to undergo this statutory audit on an annual basis. Audit services in Singapore provide many advantages to businesses above and beyond, playing a vital role in maintaining compliance with this legal obligation.

Understanding Statutory Audits in Singapore

A statutory audit is a mandatory examination of a company’s financial statements, usually performed by an independent certified accountant. In Singapore, this responsibility comes with a unique strategic dimension that facilitates its role as a fundamental business enabler. Not simply a procedural formality, the scrutiny ensures that companies’ financial statements as per the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) give a true and fair view of the company’s financial position and performance. All public companies and all financial institutions must submit themselves to such scrutiny, as well as all large private companies that meet a size test based on annual revenue or asset size. This type of Singapore audit service aims to protect the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders by providing an unbiased judgement on the company’s financial well-being.

Difference between Statutory Audit and Non-Statutory Audit

Regarding businesses in Singapore, it is important for them to distinguish between statutory and non-statutory audits. Statutory audits are legally required audits of an organisation’s executives’ financial reports to assure stakeholders that the financial statements are accurate and current. They largely comply with existing accounting standards and regulations.

On the other hand, non-statutory audits are thorough but not legally required. This voluntary demand usually comes from private companies that wish to give more assurance about their finances to their investors, partners, or regulators. Although the financial records and financial procedures involved in both categories of accounting services are similar, they vary in their legal basis and the degree of their auditing processes.

Enhancing Transparency and Trust: Key Benefits of Audit Services

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Improved Financial Accuracy

By employing statutory auditing services in Singapore, companies can significantly enhance the accuracy of their financial reporting. Auditors meticulously evaluate the company’s financial records and transactions, ensuring they are free from errors and misstatements. This accuracy is crucial for company management to make informed decisions and maintain investor confidence.

Enhanced Credibility

A clear and credible audit service in Singapore report can be a strong testament to the company’s integrity and reliability. This is particularly important in a competitive business environment, as it increases trust among investors, financial institutions, customers, and other stakeholders, potentially leading to more business opportunities and favourable credit terms.

Early Detection of Errors and Fraud

Regular statutory audits help detect discrepancies, errors, or potential fraud within the organisation early on. Auditors are trained to spot irregularities that might otherwise go unnoticed, safeguarding the company from possible financial or reputational damage.

Risk Management

Statutory audits play a crucial role in risk management. Through thorough examination and analysis, auditors can identify areas of risk the company may face, allowing management to address these issues proactively rather than reactively.

Strategic Insights

Beyond compliance, a statutory audit provides critical insights into business operations and financial management. These insights can inform strategic decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimise performance across the board.

Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements

Lastly, conducting a statutory audit ensures that a company meets all regulatory requirements set forth by Singaporean authorities. This avoids potential legal repercussions and reinforces the company’s commitment to corporate governance and ethical business practices.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Statutory Audit Company

Even more significant is the choice of the right auditing firm. Their professionalism, familiarity with the industry, approach to conducting the audit, communication style and, perhaps most importantly, their value-added approach to performing the statutory audit will affect the benefits you derive from it. The selected firm should not be only ticking a statutory box; they should be keen to bring value to your business, providing clear feedback while working with your team to understand and improve how your financial operations function.


While statutory audits are mandatory for many Singapore-based organisations, they have far-reaching consequences beyond just shedding light on the finances of a company. Financial accuracy, reputational standing, timely identification of mistakes and fraudulent activities, risk management, and offering valuable strategic advice to key stakeholders are the key components that aid and help companies perform at their best credentials and serve as the face of the company. You can enjoy these advantages by picking only the best corporate audit service.

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