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Reasons to outsource your accounting service

Posted on February 12, 2019

Category: Auditing
  When a business is growing, most business owners and executives have their time taken up by focusing on building the core business rather than overseeing day to day operations. Outsourcing accounting services are one of the ways that will ensure that your accounts are well taken care of and your costings remain low. This is one of the many benefits and reasoning to outsource a bookkeeper for your company. Continue reading to find out

Top questions to ask an external auditor

Posted on October 12, 2018

Category: Auditing
Conducting audits are necessary to ensure that a company’s financial records are correct and within tax laws, and there is no one more fit for the role than an external auditor. Simply put, an external auditor is someone whom a company hires to giving an independent analysis of that company’s monetary statements. They are employed outside of the company in order to be objective in their reports. External auditors are tasked with reviewing the finances

What is the purpose of internal auditing?

Posted on July 10, 2018

Category: Auditing
All the professionals involved in the audit and businessmen are aware of the main importance for successes of this business of having Internal Audit teams that responds in the interest of the Audit Department and that is an allied factor of the top management the entity, thus ensure the proper management, use and control of human, material and financial resources. In this article we present important elements referred to the Internal Audit. The Audit is
The unique infrastructure, no bureaucracy, a very flexible taxation system is the incomplete list of the advantages of creating a business in Singapore, which is really worth it, because money can be placed in the most reliable banks, the tax burden is easily optimized in Singapore. Also, do not forget about the remarkable jurisdiction of this state. So, the decision on the organization of business is accepted, now it remains to decide on the organizational
The primary purpose of an enterprise audit is to have data that can be used to analyze how a company operates at various points. This analysis therefore leads to the adoption of multiple resolutions to improve the services and the turnover. This is not a formality that can be done or that can be taken lightly. Some business leaders lean towards an internal audit while others prefer to hire the services of an external auditor.