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Singapore Business Incorporation Services

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Business Incorporation

Getting your business incorporated protects you from liabilities and secures your personal assets, among other benefits. There are also different types of business structures, so knowing which one to choose could affect how you pay taxes, profits, and other considerations.

To start a business in Singapore, you have to go through the business incorporation process. That includes getting a registered filing agent to submit the online application to ACRA for your company. Check out our company registration services in Singapore and other company setup services that we offer here at SG Biz Works.

We are committed to providing you with the following services:
• Full assistance in completing the application forms which are compliant to the framework of the approving authorities
• Preparing and filing all necessary paperwork
• Be the first point for all clarifications and queries raised by authorities
• Employment pass application for employees relocating to Singapore
• Assistance in opening a bank account with any of the banks in Singapore
• Assistance in renewal of the license
• Assistance in converting the representative office to a subsidiary or branch office

Benefits of getting your business incorporated

  1. Enhanced Credibility

Having a “Inc” or “Corp” automatically commands a better perception of your business compared to unregistered businesses. This also helps to communicate to your customers that you are committed to your business’ success.

  1. Assets Protection

Getting your business incorporated allows an owner to acquire business assets without risking his or her own personal property compared to sole proprietors where they face unlimited liability where their personal assets are involved. This also protects your shareholders’ and stakeholders’ personal assets.

  1. Access To Investment

After going through the business incorporation process, your company can easily issue stock shares and raise capital. Getting a loan from banks would also be easier. With access to these sources, this makes the paying off of debts even easier.

  1. Save On Taxes

Especially in Singapore, tax reductions are readily available to incorporated businesses. There are so many things that you can save on, from insurance to claiming of daily expenses.

  1. More Sellable

Investors definitely would feel that your business is more reliable compared to a business that isn’t incorporated. With that, not only will one find it easier to get the help of investors, but one would find it easier to sell off the business if it is incorporated.

  1. Unlimited Life

A corporation will still exist even without the existence of its owners. This gives the business more reliability as well as assurance to its stakeholders.

With Company Incorporation, You Get To Enjoy:

  • 0 Tax rate on capital gains
  • 0 Tax rate on dividend paid to shareholders
  • 0 tax rate on profits for your first SGD $100k
  • 5% tax on profits for your next SGD $200k



Things to take note of before I do my company incorporation in Singapore
  • Get your company name approved
  • A resident director has to be appointed and he or she has to be at least 18 years of age and is free of any malicious or bankrupt charges
  • A qualified company secretary has to be appointed officially within the 6 months period of your business incorporation
  • A registered address
  • At least a $1 worth of paid-up capital
  • You need to already have an idea of the details of the address of your company
What documents are required if I want to incorporate my business?
  • Company name
  • Brief description of business activities
  • Shareholders’ particulars
  • Directors’ particulars
  • Business address
What do foreigners have to consider before engaging in the business incorporation process?
  • To locate your company to Singapore, you need to obtain a work pass visa
  • One of your directors must be a Singaporean citizen, permanent resident, or employment pass holder
  • If your business is a small to mid-sized business, you should register your company as a subsidiary company
  • If your business is a large-sized company that has operations in international locations, and desire to run a range of businesses in Singapore, you should register your company as a brand office

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