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5 Reasons Why You Need To Audit Your Financial Statements

An agreed (repeated) audit is performed by this auditor or audit firm repeatedly or regularly. Such cooperation is convenient for both auditors and a client who receives highly qualified, comprehensive, long-term assistance based on long-term cooperation and evaluation. Reason 1: According to Article. 5 of the Federal Law “On Auditing” dated December 8, 2008 No. […]

Benefits Of Getting Your Financial Statements Audited

The main purpose of an audit is to guarantee the confidence of the users of the Financial Statements, for this the Auditor designs and applies audit procedures that allow him to acquire sufficient and appropriate evidence to obtain reasonable conclusions. To issue an independent opinion on the presentation of the figures shown in the Financial […]

Top Questions To Ask An External Auditor

Conducting audits are necessary to ensure that a company’s financial records are correct and within tax laws, and there is no one more fit for the role than an external auditor. Simply put, an external auditor is someone whom a company hires to giving an independent analysis of that company’s monetary statements. They are employed […]