Incorporating A Foreign Company In Singapore

There are 3 options for one to do a foreign company setup in Singapore namely: representative office setup, subsidiary company setup, and branch office registration. Here at SG Biz Works, we ensure your foreign company setup in Singapore will be a hassle-free process, as we help clients handle all the paperwork, liaising, and educating them on the whole process.

Basic Requirement:

With regards to setting up a branch office in Singapore, during the setup, there should be at least one authorized company representative who is a resident in Singapore present. This representative can be a: Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or an EntrePass holder. Unless one is interested to setup a representative office, then the company needs to appoint a chief representative to relocate from the HQ office to Singapore.

Company Name Reservation:

Please take note that an approved company name will only be reserved for 120 days from the date of approval, and there will be no such extension given.

With regards to your company’s entity name, your subsidiary company need not be the same as the parent company, unless you are looking to do a branch office or representative office setup in Singapore.

Standard Registration Time

The registration time is 1 hour for both branch office setup and subsidiary company setup in Singapore. However, if you would wish to setup a representative office here, the standard registration time is between 3 to 5 days.


All companies in Singapore have to appoint an auditor within the first 3 months of the incorporation date, unless the company is exempted. Companies that satisfy these conditions are exempted:
– The company has less than a total of 20 shareholders
– The company has an annual turnover of less than SGD $5 million

Here at SG Biz Works, we are a 1 stop company incorporation company in Singapore that seeks to cater to your various needs relating to foreign company incorporation and registration.

Incorporating A Foreign Company In Singapore

Why Do Foreign Companies Setup Their Businesses Here

Incorporating a foreign company in Singapore normally happens when a foreign company seeks to expand their operations here in Singapore.

Singapore is considered as one of the easiest place to setup a business operation here. It has an availability of skilled workforce, and it offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Asia. With many policies that encourage businesses to thrive here, it is no wonder many businesses find it safe and easy to setup their branch here.

What To Prepare For The Branch Office Registration Process?
  • Proper copy of the company’s incorporation certificate
  • A detailed certified copy of the company’s defined constitutions
  • List of all their directors and particulars
  • If one of the company’s directors is a Singapore resident, a memorandum is required
  • A memorandum of an attorney of 2 or more local agents to accept notices on behalf of the company.
  • A statutory declaration that indicates all these details to confirm these particulars
  • Location notice of the company’s office in Singapore
Key Points To Consider For Foreigners
  • Should be above 18 years of age
  • Does not have a history of any legal offense or bankruptcy.
  • Have an employer pass or entrepreneur pass
  • Acquire a visa in order to be able to work in Singapore
  • Appoint a nominee director or consider relocating to Singapore
  • We advise that one follows the laws of ACRA, MOM, and IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore)

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